Travel Exceptions

Travel Exception Process

The Travel Exception process starts with submitting a Travel Exception Request. After an Exception has been approved, please register your travel.

While all travel contains some level of risk, travel to some locations poses an additional level of risk. Dartmouth has prepared a list of locations with lower risk for which a Travel Exception is not required. Please view the list of countries to see if your destination does not require a Travel Exception. An approved Travel Exception Request from the Office of the Provost is required for any Dartmouth-affiliated or sponsored travel to a location not on the List.

An Exception Request must be submitted well in advance of your planned travel. If traveling as part of a Dartmouth sponsored group or program (e.g. FSP, LSA, Tuck Go), the group leader will submit the Exception Request for the group. Please see Dartmouth's Travel Safety Policy for more information.

Contact (or call 603-646-8861) if you have any questions or concerns.


To apply for a Travel Exception, please reference Dartmouth's country list and the U.S. State Department list, fill out the appropriate form(s) linked below. Contact (or call 603-646-8861) if you have additional questions or concerns.

Travel Exception Forms and Online Application Portal

Click here to register or apply, as needed