Travel Exceptions

Travel Exception Requirements

Dartmouth Travelers are required to have a Travel Exception:


  • If they have not received all recommended doses in their primary series of COVID-19 vaccine, plus one booster dose when eligible, and are traveling to any location outside of the United States. Those who have COVID-19 vaccine or booster exemptions and are traveling outside of the United States must apply for a Travel Exception.

Before traveling, Dartmouth Travelers are responsible for determining if a location they are traveling to requires a Travel Exception. Participating in Dartmouth Travel without an approved Travel Exception when one is required is prohibited; expenses for such travel will not be covered by Dartmouth. Read Dartmouth's Travel Safety Policy for more information.

Information submitted through the Travel Exception process will be accessed by members of the Travel Safety Working Group, which includes offices in charge of international travel, for the purpose of processing a Travel Exception request.

Travel Exceptions for Individuals

Submit your Travel Exception request at least 30 days prior to your planned departure date. After your exception is approved, you can register your travel. If you are traveling as part of a Dartmouth group or program (e.g., FSP, LSA, Tuck Go), apply for the Dartmouth program prior to requesting a travel exception. The level of support a traveler receives is considered as part of the travel exception review process.

Travel Exception Support for Organizers

If you are organizing, administering, or funding Dartmouth Travel by students or as part of a Dartmouth group or program (e.g., FSP, LSA, Tuck Go), review Dartmouth's guidance for Organizing Student Travel for information.