Study Around the World

Off-campus programs are an important extension of Dartmouth's curriculum, offering opportunities to study other cultures and disciplines in depth. A variety of programs around the world are available, including Language Study Abroad, Foreign Study Programs, exchange programs, and transfer credit from other institutions.

Undergraduate Off-campus Study

From Chinese language in Beijing to environmental studies in Southern Africa, Dartmouth's distinctive Off-Campus Programs under the Frank J. Guarini Institute for International Education are a hallmark of the undergraduate experience. More than 50 percent of undergraduates participate in one or more of the 40+ Dartmouth-run Foreign Study or Language Study Abroad programs.

Taught by Dartmouth faculty members, the programs  extend the regular curriculum by allowing students to study a culture or subject in depth, and in that part of the world where it can be experienced directly.

In addition to Dartmouth Off-Campus Programs and institutional exchanges, undergraduates seeking international educational experiences may:

Graduate Off-campus Study

Many Dartmouth graduate students conduct research on global topics, while others integrate international study into their disciplinary focus. Credit-granting exchange programs available to graduate students include:

Funding Opportunities for International Study

The Dean of Faculty Office maintains a wide-ranging list of funding opportunities for research and study outside of the United States for both graduate and undergraduate students.