FAQs for Travel Registry and Travel Exception

Common Questions

Updated: 11/7/2023


  1. Whom may I contact with travel-related questions when I am not traveling with an established program?
    Please email your travel-related questions to Global.Dartmouth@dartmouth.edu.
  2. There was a presentation about Travel Requirements on 4/19/2023 by Lisa Adams and William Frederick. I was not able to attend. Is there a recording of the presentation?
    Yes, here it is 

     and here is a link to the slides used.

  3. How far in advance should I review the International SOS (ISOS) website for travel advisories?
    Review the ISOS website before booking any travel, and then again approximately 30 days, 14 days, and one day prior to departure. There is an updated ISOS portal – please register on the new site for access - https://myportal.internationalsos.com/  and use the Dartmouth ID  to create a new profile : (ID 11BSGC000018) when asked for affiliation, Please note you will need to register again even if you had an account on the old ISOS site.

  4. Are pre-departure orientations mandatory for all travelers?
    An in-person pre-departure orientation is considered best practice, especially for trip organizers, less experienced travelers, or travel to unfamiliar locations; however, at minimum Dartmouth Entities should disseminate these sharable resources during the travel planning process.

Travel Exceptions

  1. How far in advance do I need to apply for a Travel Exception?
    You must apply for a Travel Exception at least 30 days prior to your planned departure date.

  2. I am leaving soon and realized I still need to apply for a travel exception, should I still submit one?
    Yes, you should apply for an exception as soon as you can.

  3. Can an approved Travel Exception be revoked if a location's status changes after my Travel Exception is approved and before I leave?
    Yes, if the situation in the destination country changes (such as the outbreak of war, political unrest, or contagion), you may have your Travel Exception revoked. 

  4. I traveled last month to a location that required a Travel Exception. Next month I am going back to that same location. Do I need to request another Travel Exception?
    Yes. Every trip needs its own Travel Exception because the situation in the destination country may have changed. 

  5. What happens if my request for a Travel Exception is denied?
    You may appeal the decision by writing to Global.Dartmouth@dartmouth.edu or you choose to not travel to that location.

Travel Registry

  1. I've been traveling for years for Dartmouth, why do I now need to register my travel?
    The Travel Safety Policy was updated July 27, 2022 and the requirements changed.

  2. I am traveling with my faculty advisor and a couple of other graduate students. Should we register individually or as a group?
    You should register as individuals.

  3. Am I required to register if I'm traveling within the United States on Dartmouth Travel?
    It is recommended that you register your travel within the U.S., but it is required that you register all international travel.

  4. I have been invited for a talk at an institution. That organization is paying for my travel. Do I still need to register my travel with Dartmouth?
    Yes, you will need to register your travel, as you will be traveling and speaking as a Dartmouth traveler.

  5. I am going to a conference with my research PI and co-investigators, do we each need to register our travel?
    Yes, you each need to register your individual travel.

  6. I have already departed, is it too late to register my travel?
    It's not too late; register your travel immediately so Dartmouth can provide support in the event of an emergency and to ensure your travel expenses are reimbursed when you return. In the future, be sure to register your travel before departing.

Group Travel

  1. I am traveling on an FSP or LSA, do I need to register my travel?
    Check with your group travel organizer. Students participating in FSPs and LSAs will have their travel registered by Guarini Institute staff. 

  2. I am a student traveling on a group trip organized by Dartmouth, do I need to register my travel?
    Check with your group travel organizer. Your group leader may have already registered your trip.