Travel Registry

Travel Registry Requirements

To facilitate the delivery of support services in the event of an emergency, you must register your Dartmouth Travel in the Global Dartmouth Travel Registry. Registration in the Travel Registry is required for all Dartmouth Travelers traveling to international locations. Dartmouth Travelers are all Dartmouth community members (students, faculty, staff, alumni, volunteers, and others who are participating in Dartmouth programs) participating in Dartmouth Travel. Read Dartmouth's Travel Safety Policy for more information.

If you need a Travel Exception, apply for that first. Once your travel exception is approved you can register your travel.

Individual Travel

Register your travel before departure. If you are traveling as part of a Dartmouth group or program (e.g., FSP, LSA, Tuck Go), check with the group organizer to see if they plan to register your travel as part of the group.

Group Travel

If you are organizing, administering, or funding Dartmouth Travel by students or as part of a Dartmouth group or program (e.g., FSP, LSA, Tuck Go), please reach out to the global dartmouth team for assistance. We are no longer supporting the former group registration option. Another option to group travel registration is to ensure each participant registers their own travel. Review Dartmouth's guidance for Organizing Student Travel for information.


Updated 11/8/2023