Global Village

The Global Village is a new Living Learning Community at Dartmouth. Through this opportunity, students from around the world and from all class years can live together and explore global topics. The Global Village is open to all students regardless of background experiences with global perspectives. 

Program Statement

Dartmouth's Global Village is a residential community offering an interdisciplinary, integrated learning experience that holistically equips students to thrive as ethical, engaged, and responsible world citizens and scholars. Living and learning together, residents of the Global Village aim to expand their worldview, hone their intercultural skills, and build relationships within a multicultural, multinational, and multidisciplinary community. Students have the opportunity to make the Global Village their home throughout their undergraduate career, enabling them to take full advantage of the opportunities it affords to explore complex international issues and engage in off-campus experiences, language and cultural exchange, interaction with faculty and staff, and focused reflection.

Residency Expectations

The Global Village is fueled by you - your involvement in the Global Village in its inaugural year will shape its future! As such we ask that you share your experiences and attend weekly activities and events. Residents are expected to participate in 6-8 activities per term in the Global Village. These could include dinners, lectures, presentations about off-campus experiences, and many more! For Great Issues Scholars and Language Program participants, half of the residency expectation is covered by activities within those programs. (See details on linked pages.)


The Global Village is located in the Byrne II, Goldstein, and Thomas buildings of McLaughlin.

(floor plans can be found on the website of the Office of Undergraduate Housing)


Do I get to pick my room?

Yes, if you are accepted to the Global Village, then for Fall Room Draw you will be able to pick your own room.

I'm not in the Global Village. Can I still participate in events?

Absolutely! Most Global Village events are open to the public. Some might be opened to residents first and the broader campus second.

I'm an incoming first-year student. With whom will I live?

You will be living with another first-year student who has been accepted into the Global Village. We will do our best to match your living preferences based on your Housing Application.

I've never travelled abroad before, but I'm interested in international issues. Can I participate?


I don't speak another language. Can I still be a part of the Global Village?

Most certainly!

Do I have to take any particular courses to participate?

No, this is not a requirement, but it could be a great way to add to your learning.

I just started learning a new language. Can I be in a Language Program?

Absolutely! Fluency is not required to participate in the Language Programs.

How will I know if my friend was accepted to live in the Global Village?

The best way to know is to ask your friend whether they were accepted after notifications are sent out.

Can I be part of a Greek House and live in the Global Village?