"...a long, long way to go..."

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"...a long, long way to go..."

The Gibbs Memorial Book Fund and African American Studies at Dartmouth. This exhibit explores he African American educational experience at Dartmouth in and around 1976.

Saturday, March 18, 2017
All Day
Baker Library Main Hall
Intended Audience(s): Public
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The Duane Gibbs '76 and William Rice '76 Memorial Book fund is one of many funds in the Library that memorializes Dartmouth's alumni. This particular fund is for the acquisition of books, journals, and reference materials by African American authors. The fund was originally established in 1989 by Reginald Thomas '75, P'10, William Rice '76, P'19, and Gary Love '76, P'10 in honor of their dear friend Duane Gibbs '76, who died that same year. Rice's name was added to the fund after his death in 2016 to memorialize his devotion to his friend Duane and to his alma mater Dartmouth.

The 40th anniversary of Gibbs's, Rice's, and their friends' graduation provides the opportunity to explore the African American educational experience at Dartmouth in and around 1976. This exhibit explores the development of the African and African American Studies Program, the life and work of Errol Hill, an African American educator at Dartmouth, and works by African American authors in the Library's collections.

This exhibit is displayed with gratitude to Gary Love '76 for proposing the exhibit, Dennis Grady the exhibit designer, and curators Laura Braunstein, Morgan Swan, Whitney Martin, and Laura Barrett.

Baker-Berry Library, Berry Main Street: February 10 - April  30, 2017

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Laura Barrett

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