A World Beyond Race

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A World Beyond Race

Panel discussion with Dartmouth faculty and featuring renowned author Roger Echo-Hawk

Monday, January 27, 2014
Kemeny Hall 008
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Beginning in the mid-20th century, adherents to race reshaped race by creating a social focus on racism, and the academic world confronted and slowly came to reject the idea of race as a useful description of humankind.  Despite these truths, practitioners of race favor the continued making of race in the world.  It is time to develop a conscious re-examination of old ideas about race, and to raise new questions.  Is it possible to be non-racial in a society that believes in race?  What do non-racial identities mean for social systems that flow out of race?  And what role should race play in shaping the future?

Also sponsored by the Dartmouth Archaeology Working Group and the Native American Studies Program

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