FAQs for Travel Registry and Travel Exception

Common Questions

  1. Question: Whom may I contact with travel-related questions when I am not traveling with an established program?

    Answer: Please email your travel-related questions to Global.Dartmouth@dartmouth.edu.

  2. Question: When a student who wants to travel via an established Program needs a travel exception, when should the Travel Exception Request be submitted?

    Answer: The student should apply to the Program first prior to asking for an exception. The level of support a traveler will receive is part of the consideration for approval of the exception.

  3. Question: If I am registering travel for someone else, do I need their NetID?

    Answer: No, you will log in using your own NetID and complete a proxy registration for the other person. You can search for the traveler's profile using their name or their NetID.

  4. Question: Can I save my Travel Exception Request and complete it at another time?

    Answer: A Travel Exception Request needs to be completed in one sitting. We highly recommend reviewing the questions before starting a Request. Please use this link to access a list of Travel Exception questions: https://dartmouth-provgcc.terradotta.com/index.cfm?FuseAction=Programs.ViewProgramAngular&ID=10104

  5. Question: I have a Dartmouth approved COVID-19 vaccine exemption. Should I follow the travel guidelines for Vaccinated travelers or Unvaccinated travelers?

    Answer: Please follow travel guidelines for Unvaccinated travelers.

  6. Question: What resources are available to assess the risks associated with an international travel location?

    Answer: Common resources include: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) - COVID-19 Travel Recommendations by Destination, International SOS (ISOS) Dartmouth member portal - Know My Risks (Membership No. 11BSGC000018), U.S. Department of State - Travel Advisories, Government of Canada - Travel Advice and Advisories, Australian Government - Destination Advice, and Government of the United Kingdom - Foreign Travel Advice.

  7. Question: I missed the last presentation about the Travel Safety Policy and procedures. Is there a recording of it I can watch?

    Answer: Here is the video presentation that goes over the Travel Safety Policy and associated procedures.