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  • Dartmouth, the Arctic, the Future

    Professor Ross Virginia, Director of the Dickey Center's Institute of Arctic Studies, was selected by the U.S. State Department as one of two distinguished scholar leaders of the newly established Fulbright Arctic Initiative.

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  • Dartmouth Preparedness for Ebola

    Find community resources and information on the Ebola outbreak, including a question-and-answer fact sheet, contact information, past communications to the Dartmouth community, and media mentions featuring College faculty discussing the virus.

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  • 2015 Student Forum on Global Learning

    The Student Forum on Global Learning provides Dartmouth students with a channel for expression of and reflection on cross-cultural experiences. The call for presentations is NOW OPEN.  Submit your application to present no later than Sunday, Oct. 12th @ midnight.

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  • Assessing Health Care Around the World

    David Goodman, MD, MS, is an expert advisor on medical practice variation. His work is instrumental to an international study on 13 countries' health care systems. The study will be presented in Berlin, Germany in September.

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