Travel Suspended

Given the ever evolving nature of the COVID-19 pandemic and consequent travel restrictions, all Dartmouth-sponsored international travel and certain Dartmouth-sponsored domestic travel outside of New England is prohibited until further notice.

Safe Traveler Resources

Travel Risk Ratings

While all travel contains some level of risk, travel to some countries or areas of a country pose an additional level or risk.  Dartmouth, utilizing resources from the US State Department, International SOS, and past experience has prepared a list of countries with elevated risk for which a travel waiver is required.  Please view this country list to see if your destination is one of the countries which requires a travel waiver.   A Travel Waiver (see below) from the Office of the Provost is required for any Dartmouth-affiliated or sponsored travel to a country on the list.  While Dartmouth updates its list quarterly, the U.S. State Department list is updated in real time. Therefore, every traveler should check the U.S. State Department list and look at the regions within each country they will be visiting. If any region is listed as “Level 3: Reconsider travel” or “Level 4: Do not travel”, a waiver is required. In case of a discrepancy between the Dartmouth rating and the State Department rating, the higher risk rating should be applied. 

A waiver request must be submitted well in advance of your planned travel. If traveling as part of a Dartmouth sponsored group or program (e.g. FSP, LSA, Tuck Go, etc.), please check with your program sponsor before completing a waiver request as your sponsoring office may apply for a group/program waiver covering all program participants. Please see Dartmouth Travel Safety Policy for more information.

Helpful Videos

This 3-part video series covers personal safety, health & wellness, and emergency support tips for students heading overseas for study, internships, or research experiences. These videos are meant to supplement pre-departure training and advising offered through on-campus departments. The videos were created by the John Sloan Dickey Center for International Understanding with assistance from the Office of the Provost and a collaborative team of colleagues working across the institution on a range of international & intercultural programs.

1. Personal Safety


2. Health & Wellness


3. Emergency Support

IT Security Guidelines While Traveling

Dartmouth’s Office of Information Technology and Consulting offers advice for safeguarding your computers, laptops, smartphones and other devices when traveling. Laws and policies differ from country to country and can change frequently, so it’s a good idea to check this resource each time you travel outside the United States.