FAQs for Travel Registry and Travel Exception

  1. Question: Whom may I contact with travel-related questions when I am not traveling with an established program?

    Answer: Please email your travel-related questions to: travel.questions@dartmouth.edu.
  2. Question: When a student who wants to travel via an established Program needs a travel exception, when should the Travel Exception Request be submitted?

    Answer: The student should apply to the Program first prior to asking for an exception. The level of support a traveler will receive is part of the consideration for approval of the exception.
  3. Question: My Individual Travel Registration has a status of Pending, what does that mean?

    Answer: After your Individual Travel Registration is submitted, if you are traveling domestically then you should see the status updated to Confirmed within the next 24 hours.  If you are unvaccinated and traveling outside of New England please be sure to submit a Travel Exception Request too.  If you are traveling internationally, then the status indicates your Travel Exception Request is still under review.  If you have not yet submitted a Travel Exception Request please do so.
  4. Question: I created but did not finish my Travel Exception Request (or Travel Registration).  How do I get back to the questionnaire so I can submit it?

    Answer: Applications can be accessed from the Applications tab of the Applicant Home Page.
  5. Question: I have a Dartmouth approved COVID-19 vaccine exemption.  Should I follow the travel guidelines for Vaccinated travelers or Unvaccinated travelers?

    Answer: Please follow travel guidelines for Unvaccinated travelers