William Platt

Jennifer Lind on RFK's Japan Diplomacy

Associate Professor of Government Jennifer Lind will join Kathleen Kennedy Townsend and Harvard Professor Emeritus Akira Iriye at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library in Boston Friday, March 21, for a public discussion entitled “RFK, JFK, and Japan.”

“It’s going to be a conversation,” Lind says. “We’ll be talking about the background of U.S.-Japan relations and about what was transformative under the years of John F. Kennedy and Robert Kennedy.”

In 1962, to prepare for a diplomatic trip he planned to take in 1964, President Kennedy asked his brother Robert Kennedy to travel to Japan. A critical alliance with the country was in trouble, and Kennedy hoped that the first-ever state visit by a U.S. president to Japan would help heal a growing diplomatic rift, says Lind, whose academic work encompasses international relations and East Asian international security.