For Watanabe’s Students, New Zealand Is Full of Lessons


Associate Professor of Anthropology John Watanabe, who studies the Maya peoples of Guatemala and Mexico, has been traveling to a venue outside of his specialty area to shepherd Dartmouth undergraduates through the cultural landscape of New Zealand.

While previously a stranger to this part of the world, Watanabe has found it to be a good venue for a Foreign Studies Program (FSP). He has led groups there for four of the program’s 11 years during Dartmouth’s winter term.

“One of the things the students learn is that a place may not be as it seems. What initially appears familiar, with time may indeed seem strange,” says Associate Professor of Anthropology John Watanabe. (Photo by John Tansey)

Global Policy Students: From the Classroom to India


It’s one thing to work in a Dartmouth classroom to understand the issues surrounding economic reform in a nation as complex as India. It is something entirely different to meet with leaders in India’s rural villages, government agencies, and industrial centers to draft workable policy proposals for change.

(Photo by Charles Wheelan ’88)

The students in the Global Policy Leadership Practicum, taught by Charles Wheelan ’88 during the 2013 fall term, experienced both.

Fellowship Winners Headed Abroad to Study, Research, Teach


Dartmouth students and young alumni will be studying and working abroad in the coming year on fellowships awarded by the Fulbright Program and the Deutscher Akademischer Audtausch Dienst (DAAD) for study in Germany.

Supported by Fulbright and DAAD fellowships, Dartmouth graduates are headed to post-graduate research and teaching positions abroad. From left: Karl Schutz ’14, Jane Cavalier ’14, Gabriela Meade ’14, Charlotte Morris ’14, Abigail Bard ’14, Natalie Salmanowitz ’14, Elise Seyferth ’14, Tausif Noor ’14, Victor Hollenberg ’14, and Ben Jenkins ’14. Not pictured are: Saida Makhmudzade ’14, Krista Oehlke ’13, Cooper Thomas ’14, and Kim Waters ’11. (Photo by Eli Burakian ’00)