Global Exploratory/Development Grant

Full-time tenured and tenure-track Dartmouth faculty members may submit proposals for grants that will reimburse up to $15,000 in expenses associated with initiating exploratory or ongoing research projects with international collaborators.


The Global Exploratory/Development Grant offers up to $15,000 in funding to support eligible Dartmouth faculty members who are conducting collaborative research projects with international scholars. Funds may be used to cover travel-related expenses for Dartmouth researchers, to bring international collaborators to Dartmouth, or both. Multiple visits over the course of a year (in compliance with visa restrictions) would be an acceptable use of the funds. The maximum length for projects under the Global Exploratory/Development Grant is 18 months.

Projects should result in tangible research outcomes, such as joint publications, joint workshops/symposia, patent applications, co-edited anthologies, or other collaboratively produced projects. Producing and submitting a collaborative grant proposal to an external funding entity is also an acceptable outcome. It is expected that budgets will be commensurate with the scope of activities proposed and number of investigators involved.

Global Exploratory/Development proposals are reviewed twice each year, with up to four total awards per year. Submission deadlines are the first week in October and the first week in April. Notice of the deadlines will be posted on the Global Dartmouth website and in Vox Daily.

Allowable expenses include economy class airfare and ground transportation, lodging, meals, outgoing visa-related costs, and costs associated with demonstrated research activities (e.g., fees for access to archives). Global Exploratory/Development Grants do not fund:

  • Travel to or attendance at conferences or symposia
  • Funds required of visa applicants to the United States unless there is a documented statement detailing that the applicant is essential to the project and is unable to meet his or her financial requirements.

Questions may be submitted to


  • Full-time tenured and tenure-track faculty members from Arts & Sciences, Graduate Studies, Geisel School of Medicine, Thayer School of Engineering and Tuck School of Business are eligible to apply.
  • Proposals that include support for activities involving graduate and undergraduate students are encouraged.
  • Financial need will be considered in making awards.  Each participating faculty member must disclose both active external funding as well as internal institutional resources available to the proposer.
  • Only one application (within each grant type) is allowed per faculty member each year.

Application Materials and Guidelines

  • Submission deadlines are the second week in October and the second week in April.
  • Projects must designate a Principal Investigator whose responsibilities are specifically described. 
  • A cover sheet that includes the names and titles of all participants
  • A brief abstract of the proposed project, and a 2-3 page description of the project plan, including anticipated publications and any opportunities for students.
  • A timeline and estimated budget for anticipated activities (up to 18 months maximum). Lodging, meals, and incidentals are reimbursed at current US State Department per diem rates.
  • Vitae for all team members.
  • Projects that support or expand collaboration with existing Dartmouth partners and networks (see below) will be given priority.
  • All travel associated with the proposal must meet the conditions of Dartmouth's Travel Risk Management Policy and travelers must record their travel in advance in the Dartmouth Travel Registry.
  • Proposals that include plans to bring visitors to Dartmouth must demonstrate that team members have consulted in advance with the Office of Visa and Immigration Services on the level of required support mandated by Federal law in order for the visitor to obtain a visa.

Completed proposals may be sent to Debra Reeves, Administrative Assistant, Office of the Provost, and Questions may be submitted to

Cumulative Report

Global Exploratory/Development Grant recipients are responsible for providing a report on the nature and outcomes of the research supported by this program within two months of the end of the project period. 

Reports should be submitted to

Existing Networks and Partnerships