Travel Waivers

Dartmouth prohibits use of Dartmouth funds to support travel to a country or region under a U.S. State Department warning. If you are traveling to one of these countries, you must submit a Travel Waiver request to the Office of International Initiatives no later than three weeks prior to travel. 

Travel Waiver Policy

To apply for a Travel Waiver, fill out the appropriate form below and submit it electronically to Laurel Stavis,, or by hand to Parkhurst Hall, Suite 111 at least three weeks before travel. 

NOTE: In addition to the Travel Waiver form, a Supervisor Health and Safety Statement is required for any non-faculty/staff members; this includes, but is not limited to, alumni, undergraduates and graduate students. 

 Travel Waiver Forms

See the U.S. State Department Travel Advisories for a list of countries under warning.

Dartmouth's full Travel Risk policy can be found here.


Contact The Office of International Initiatives or Laurel Stavis, Office of the Provost, 603-646-3016.