Previous Presentations


  • Local Food Systems for Agricultural Sustainability and Nutrition by Helen Ma '14 Geisel, Thabo Matse '14, Daniel Bornstein '14
  • How Race Takes Place by Celeste Winston '14, Jessica Womack '14, Mayowa Willoughby '14

  • E-learning for Social Change: Learning & Leading with Grassroots Change Agents by Piotr Dormus '15, Mahmud Johnson '13, Aurelia Solomon '13, Kelly Tropin '13, Jeff Wilson '13

  • Exploring Identity At Home and Abroad by Miriam Kilimo '14, Geovanni Cuevas '14

  • Health, Culture, and Resources: Home and Abroad by Joanna Schneider '13, Carly Carlin '15, Sarah Cashdollar '13

  • Consequences of Education Discrimination in Haiti and Kuwait: Informal Instruction of the English Language, by Christine Bub '13, Caitlin Foley '13, Jacqueline Waugh '13

  • Within, Without: Identities of Self and Nation by Ben Nguyen '14, Elizabeth Raphael '13

  • Empowerment & Resolution Through Art by Sarah Aronson '13, Evan Diamond '13, Santiago Guerrero '14

  • Design Thinking Across Cultures: Tackling the World's Biggest Challenges by Sarah-Marie Hopf '13, Georgi Klissurski '14, Elijah Moreno '15

  • Disease Awareness, Prevention, and the Implementation of Health Care Programs: Lessons from East Africa by Leo M. Gribelyuk '13 Tuck/'13 Geisel, Julia Roper '15

  • Remembrances: Personal Tales of Identity in Cross-Cultural Encounters by Victoria Trump-Redd '14, Shloka Kini '13, Fermin Liu Ku '15


Poster Presentations

  • Network Analysis of Chilean Corporate Interlocks by Todor Parushev '14

  • The Sunshine and Love Free Clinic by Mengyi Zha '16 Geisel

  • Challenges and Strategies for Implementing Water and Sanitation Programs in Bangladesh by Faseeha Altaf '13 Masters in Public Health

  • Challenges of Developing and Distributing Sustainable, Affordable, and Socially-Conscious Technologies by Dartmouth Humanitarian Engineering (DHE)


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