Dartmouth Global Partnerships

American University of Kuwait (AUK)

Dartmouth and the American University of Kuwait have formally collaborated since 2003, one year before AUK welcomed its first class of students. Since then, the partnership has deepened, enhancing the liberal arts learning experience on both campuses. AUK faculty teach and conduct research in Hanover, Dartmouth and AUK students participate in an internship exchange, and faculty and staff from the two schools share expertise on academic and administrative projects.

American University in Kosovo

Under the American University in Kosovo-Dartmouth agreement established in 2010, the two schools are developing joint study programs, internships, and projects. The collaboration advances liberal arts, culture, business education, post-conflict transformation, and medicine in Kosovo and across the region.

Ministry of Health, People’s Republic of China

Through The Dartmouth Center for Healthcare Delivery Science, Dartmouth entered a partnership with the Ministry of Health of the People's Republic of China that aims to support the efforts of the Chinese government to reform health services and medical education in China.

Dartmouth Humanitarian Engineering

This Dartmouth student organization partners with government institutions, universities and NGOs in Rwanda and Tanzania to encourage development, improve health, and reduce environmental impact through sustainable, affordable, socially-conscious solutions for communities in need.

DarDar Programs

Dartmouth and Muhimbili University of Health and Allied Sciences (MUHAS) in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania established a relationship in 2001 that has expanded to include a wide variety of programs that bring Dartmouth undergraduate and medical students to Tanzania to work on health, education and community outreach projects.

Dartmouth’s Haiti Activities

The Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center (DHMC) responded to the 2010 earthquake in Haiti by sending six teams from the Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth and DHMC to provide medical care and supplies to those affected by the disaster. Since then, the initiatives and projects in Haiti that Dartmouth faculty and students are involved in continue to grow and diversify to encourage interdisciplinary, sustainable solutions to the challenges of health care delivery, education, and community development facing the people of Haiti.

Institute for Writing and Rhetoric

Dartmouth's Institute for Writing and Rhetoric (IWR) and Student Center for Research, Writing, and Information Technology (RWIT) are partnered with three European writing and learning centers. RWIT is consulting on the development of a writing center at the the Université de Poitiers Teacher Education program as well as a learning center at Université de Lille III, where IWR is assisting with the development of a general education curriculum. RWIT and IWR are also partnering with Université de Paris-Est for an annual international tutor exchange.

Integrative Graduate Education and Research Traineeship (IGERT)

Dartmouth is a lead university in the National Science Foundation's IGERT program that supports the interdisciplinary study of polar science, engineering, and policy issues.

Inter-American Partnership in Education (IAPE)

Dartmouth's Rassias Center for World Languages and Cultures partners with Worldfund to transform English language instruction in Mexico's most underserved public schools by training, empowering, and supporting a dedicated network of innovative and dynamic English language educators.

Kosovo Ministry of Trade and Industry

A pilot program has been initiated with the Ministry to identify five young entrepreneurs from the Gjakova region who come to Dartmouth to participate in a course on entrepreneurship. While on campus, they develop business plans and present their idea to New Hampshire legislators, venture capitalists, and other interested parties. Upon their return to Kosovo, they serve on the Board of the Gjakova Incubator and are expected to mentor other entrepreneurs.

The Matariki Network

Dartmouth is one of the seven founding members of the Matariki Network of Universities, which was established in 2010 to enable partner universities to enhance research collaboration, share ideas and expertise, and create innovative student and faculty exchange programs.

Rwanda Human Resources for Health Program

Through the Geisel School of Medicine, Dartmouth is one of seven universities partnering with the Rwanda Ministry of Health to build the health education infrastructure and health workforce necessary to create a sustainable healthcare system.

Salzburg Global Seminar

Dartmouth faculty regularly participate in this international forum. In 2011 the Dartmouth Center for Healthcare Delivery Science co-hosted a groundbreaking Salzburg Global Seminar for a week-long symposium to explore themes in health care delivery that were common across a diverse range of international contexts and experiences.

Southern African Large Telescope (SALT)

Dartmouth is among the consortium of international partners that funds the Southern African Large Telescope, the largest single optical telescope in the southern hemisphere and among the largest in the world.

Tsinghua University

Dartmouth and Tsinghua University researchers have been researching bamboo-slip manuscripts together for the past decade. During the fall of 2013, the two universities will co-sponsor the “International Conference on Recently Discovered Bamboo-Slip Manuscripts in the Collection of Tsinghua University" at Dartmouth.

The University of the Arctic: Institute for Applied Circumpolar Policy (IACP)

A collaboration between Dartmouth, the University of Alaska Fairbanks, and the University of the Arctic, IACP promotes discussion, research, analysis, and policy action on critical issues facing the circumpolar north and its peoples as a result of climate change. IACP brings together representatives of governments, higher education, non-governmental organizations, and indigenous peoples to examine climate change issues requiring policy attention.